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medical video games are READY to Take off

"The Healthcare Games Showdown will draw considerable attention to how serious simulations and games can positively impact healthcare outcomes. Plus it will show that Houston not only has quality young talent, but amazing medical resources to help  scale up a business. Personally, I would love to see a video game come out of this that will improve compliance and patients taking their medications on time."
- Lance Black, PhD
Interim Director, TMC Innovation Institute

Dr lance Black



What do you get when you mix enterprise, a simulation and game internship, and a livestream show? Watch and participate in the project development.

Giveaways / Voting / Polls

The audience will be invited to review games while in development, vote on their favorite features and reward team members.

Ink Rose
Live-stream Host

The  live-stream will be hosted by Ink Rose, a student at the Art Insititue of Houston.

Chat and cheer

Participate as an active audience member on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer,  via a simultaneous stream.


TAP INTO the next generation

Create urgency

The way people watch TV is rapidly changing--more people are canceling cable subscriptions to watch shows online on their tablets or phones, resulting in record customer losses.  (Reuters, July 18, 2017)

live feedback & real-time analytics

Live-streaming offers a fresh and effective way to pull influencers into your campaigns and positivity effect SEO. (Vimeo, 2018)

authenticate YOUR brand

Web conversions see a 35% higher conversion rate due to video, while retailers cite a 40% increase in purchases as a result of video. (IBM, 2018)

3x longer viewing

Live-stream videos offer 3x longer watching than regular video. (IMB, 2018)

Audience Engagement

Twitch has more than 100 million active monthly viewers filled with Millennials who want to watch AND ENGAGE with creators for at least two hours of content viewing a day. (GreenGeeks, Feb 13, 2018)

VIDEO rules

In 2017, video content accounted for nearly 75% of all internet traffic with nearly 100 million viewers every day. (HighQ, 2017)